OMG Music Entertainment LLC. is owned and operated as a small husband/wife duo DJ company that has a combination of over 20+ years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the mobile DJ entertainment industry. Our mindset that goes into every single show and event is treating it as our most important performance yet! This means strong communication and organization between our clients and we,the DJs, is key.

Your thoughts ideas and how you envision your event to be is very important and is considered our top priority. Our number one goal is to provide you with unparalleled sound, light and customer service that you expect and deserve when it comes to the perfect event. We will strive to do our best and will not rest until we know you’re completely 100% satisfied with the attention we have given you.

We have been in the industry for decades and know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating the most enjoyable atmosphere for you as well as your guests. Whether it is 5 or 5000 guests we are performing for, we want to create the experience to be extremely memorable for years to follow. When it comes to weddings and more personal events we want to take the time to not only know what kind of music you want to hear at your reception but we would also like to get to know who you are personally too. Not one couple or reception is the exact same therefore having a “cookie cut itinerary” might not always be the perfect option when planning your big event.

Let us show you our professionalism, quality and value we have to offer as we would be honored to be selected as your premier choice when it comes to the music and entertainment for your next big event!




Since 2001 owner/founder and Professional DJ Mathew Guille has entertained, performed and also specialized in a plethora of prestigious events such as weddings, corporate parties, retail events, class reunions, bar/nightlife establishments, outdoor marathons/running events and everything in between. His pride and passion solely lies within the music and interactively entertaining as he has mastered his talent in reading a crowd and playing the perfect set of songs and mixes that keeps the energy alive and upbeat for hours for all ages alike.

Opal Guille is the co-founder and Professional DJ who has an extensive background in entertaining wedding parties near and far, interacting with bar/restaurant guests for trivia shows to karaoke nights. Best of all she started her career in this industry as the unique voice of an On-Air radio broadcast DJ in Wisconsin.




    Mat was phenomenal! We did not think we had a dancing crew and with a little help from Mat we had people on the dance floor all night at our Wedding. My husband is not a dancer and he spent time on the dance floor as well. Many of our guests commented on the great music as well. Thank you for busting us out of our shell and providing great, memorable entertainment for our Wedding dance. It truly is a night we will never forget!!

    Heidi Bohnen-Fischer

    Mat is amazing! Friendly, knowledgeable and fun! This guy knows what he's doing and will keep your party going! He's got the right tunes, the right equipment and the right "everything"! He makes your wedding dance what you want it to be! LOVE him and recommend him fully!

    Lynn Sommer

    Thank you so much to OMG for the music and entertainment provided during our wedding. I keep hearing from the guest on how much fun they had, how this was the "funnest" wedding they have been too in a long time, and how they danced more at our wedding than they have danced in years! So many compliments to the DJ!!
    From the ceremony to the final song at the end of the night, everything was perfect! Thank you again for providing the music to new memories made!

    Lauralee Mae Blahnik